Investor backed companies cannot ignore the US and its $1.7 trillion import market. Our market development services are the ideal way for a growing company to build a credible, workable, and affordable US market entry strategy.

An important part of a successful product introduction is establishing a foundation in the geographic market. It is a complex environment, with its own rules, traditions, and schedules. Results take a long time; and responses from potential vendors are expected immediately. Understanding the US market, its value for your company, and the best strategy to sell here takes skill, local knowledge, and experience.

Our market development services include channel assessments and competitive analysis. By combining this research with our experience in introducing products to this market results we produce a target budget for your entry into the US market over a 2 year time horizon. The benefit of our flexible support model of a Country Manager allows the budget to vary over the product introduction such that the most substantial expenses are deferred until a solid base of business is established.

Client Success - Malaysia
A currency-handling product that was successful in Asia had a great potential in North America.
Within 4 months of the start of the engagement we were shipping product to distributors, attending trades shows, and actively promoting the product in the US.

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